Episode 20: Save the Familiar’s Wizard


Today’s Hook: The Party finds a wizard’s familiar that begs the group to save its master. [submitted by: Matt Davis]

Welcome to the Yawning Portal Inn! Are you here to listen to its patrons swap stories of adventure… or do you seek adventure yourself? This episode Aaron and Rob use the cleverly simple hook above (and in a bunch of different ways) to serve as a prequel adventure that draws your group of player characters to a number of the different (old skool classic) dungeons outlined in the new D&D 5e Tales from the Yawning Portal sourcebook! Often half the challenge of an adventure is actually getting your party to the friggin’ adventure (especially when those same PCs constantly evaluate the cost/benefit vs. risk/reward potential of every scenario you throw at them) so let our little imp be your mischievous guide as we explore a handful of ways for how you can (and why you should… or shouldn’t) Save the Familiar’s Wizard

WARNING!!! Spoilers abound!

Modules covered this episode:
· Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan
· White Plume Mountain
· Tomb of Horrors

Banter Topic: This week’s topic is more directed towards RPG players as opposed to dispensing the usual Game Master advice.  Aaron and Rob compare and contrast the Min/Max approach to developing a character versus actual character development, and discuss why it can actually be preferable to create (and run) a flawed character.

Screw that Game Day, challenge rating, number-crunching, box-ticking, Excel spreadsheet bull-crap!

Mary Sue (on Wikipedia)
Leeeeeroy Jenkins! (on YouTube)
Maztica (on Forgotten Realms Wiki)
The Yawning Portal Inn (on Forgotten Realms Wiki)
Were there maps to the mega-dungeon on DriveThruRPG..? You bet!
Halls of Undermountain (4e) (on DriveThruRPG)
Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License.
Be sure to submit your own Adventure Hook ideas using the hashtag #newadventurehook and they could end up the topic of a future episode! 
Also you can give us your worst #critfail ideas to occupy a place on our dreaded Critical Failure Chart… Can we design a great adventure around a terrible hook? Try us! We love a challenge!

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