Episode 18: The New Land on the Horizon

Today’s Hook: A costal village awakens one morning to discover a vast new landmass has suddenly appeared upon the horizon.

Could this harken the return of an Atlantean-style society? Could the landmass have somehow arrived from another dimension… or might the villagers instead have found themselves transported to an entirely different planet? Or… (somehow) even worse… could it be the sunken city of a Great Old One arisen from its watery depths to spell the doom of the world? Might it even look somehow eerily familiar (like a certain volcanic island from Episode 8)? Aaron and Rob ponder these questions and many more as they imagine a variety of sources to this strange and sudden phenomenon… any one of which could make a pretty swell concept for an RPG adventure!
Banter Topic: Aaron and Rob attempt to discuss the Game Master’s use of Retroactive Continuity… more commonly referred to as the “Ret-Con”… but instead end up talking about the evolution of tabletop D&D as it relates to its greatest rival… the video game! They then review the Meat Grinder rules as well as the Vitality/Wound Point system as some exciting ways to make your d20 games far, far more deadly! 
World of Warcraft (on Amazon)
Predators (on Amazon)
The Great Ring of the Outer Planes
Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0 License.

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