Episode 14: Heretic in the Sanctuary

Today’s Adventure Hook: A Notorious Herectic has taken sanctuary in a local temple.

A new thieve’s guild may be forming from among those “penitents” who enjoy the protection from the law granted by the church.  To infiltrate this organization you too must become a criminal and seek sanctuary within the cathedral‘s walls.  And a deeper inflitration will prove to be far more deadly than anything you could have imagined…

Can you survive the catacombs of –

The Bloody Bishop?

Bantor Topic: We talk a bit about Aaron’s recently trip to New York Comic Con and then dig into the topic of writing Flavor Text in your game.  


Aaron‘s appearance on the Syfy Wire Live Stageat NYCC!

America‘s first and most gruesome and notorious serial killer H.H. Holmes.

A great novelabout Henry VIII’s campaign to dismantle the Abbey’s in 16th century England.

Want to learn more about the Laws of Sanctuary?

Read The Pillars of the Earthto learn everything you ever wanted to know about Medieval Fleece Fairs and here’s some wikipedia magic about Champagne Fairs!

Read this to learn more about Aaron’s favorite heretic Michael Servetus!

And a special shout out to Ettin Gamesin Albuquerque for hosting such an awesome quarterly gaming flea market. Look at all this sweet ass shit I picked up at their last one!