Episode 12: Stop the Magical Slave Trade

Today’s Hook: Stop the magical slave trade.

Behold The Death’s Head Market!  Central hub of the Githyanki Slave Trade for the entire Astral Plane, and perhaps even the whole of the multi-verse itself.

Here a small group of gladiators, stolen away from half a dozen worlds, find themselves the latest “fortunate acquisitions” of a notorious, yet seemingly beneficent, slave trading wizard.  However, all is not what it seems, for some work within the system so as to undermine and destroy it.  But are they working to supplant the status quo with something far more horrifying?  Is it possible our heroes could find a middle path?

First they must learn the laws of their new benefactor’s home, this “marketplace” where he is a key player, as well as those of the Astral Plane itself, if they ever hope to….


Banter Topic:  Today’s banter topic was submitted by Expert Patron Craig Butler.  Here was Craig’s question:  “You guys talk in various episodes about adventures featuring investigation within a town, and you offhandedly mention various NPCs you might have in those towns for the players to talk to. I’d love to hear you guys expand on that and talk about how you come up with an interesting variety of villagers for every adventure that needs them. What goes into making interesting/memorable NPCs, especially when you need to populate a whole town with them?” 

Thanks Craig!


Here’s some crap we reference in the show!

Guide to the Astral Plane

Life in a Medieval Cityby Frances Gies

The Time Traveler’s Guide to Medieval Englandby Ian Mortimer

Rob’s YouTube Lectures(including Planetary magick and the Alphabet of Desire)

Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0License.

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