Episode 19: The Former God’s Religion

Today’s hook: The PC’s come across an old man who claims he was once a god. He asks if anyone would be willing to restart his religion.

 – This hook was submitted by @TheGamersRest

Is this old man telling the truth? Was he really a god once? Is he a just madman or simply a liar out for power?  Perhaps he’s something far worse.  Beware of who you choose to make deals with.  You might not be prepare for what it costs to repay your debt.  You ever hear tell of the Blood War berk?

If you have Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foesget ready to follow along as we come up with several ways to get your players wrapped up in a devil/demon cult!

Today’s Banter Topic: Aaron and Rob discuss retconning your game.  

Notes: Here’s some links to things we talk about

Heist RPG

Gumshoe RPG 

“I know a Guy Rule” 

Divine Ranks 

Planescape: To Baator and Back – Session 1 Raw

Planescape: To Baator and Back – Session 2 Raw

Githyanki Death’s Head Market

Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.com made available for use under the Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0License.

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