Episode 8: The Improbable Location

Welcome to the fabled tropical island of Kualha! Half of its inhabitants give offerings to their eternally erupting volcano while the others instead make sacrifice to the ever-growing iceberg upon which the fiery mountain rests.  Will you join with your treacherous captain and pursue his colonial scheme to claim the legendary treasure said to lie at the island’s core?  Or will you help protect the Heart of Kuahla? 
Banter Topic: Investigation vs. Perception
In this Episode Rob and Aaron banter a bit about the finer points of Investigation vs. Perception in D&D 5th edition.  How does a DM figure out when to use which? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We also talk about the time a herd of horses flash froze to death in a Russian lake.  Here’s a link to the story from How Stuff Works!